We know there's a lot of questions about turnkey. We've covered some of the most common ones below.

+ What is your process for purchasing and renovating your rental properties?

We start by purchasing homes in neighborhoods that we are familiar with in the Cleveland area that have a strong rental history, and also have the potential to increase home values over time. After we purchase the property, we bring our in house construction crew ran by Joseph Kucinski, and our award winning designer, Loren Hess to redesign and renovate our homes to the American Anchor quality standard.

+ How do I know my tenants are qualified?

After construction, our property management team places a qualified tenant in the home for a minimum lease period of one year. Our thorough screening process gives you the best possible chance of getting a great tenant. Our team has a 24/7 answering service for any problems that may arise from tenants, and can dispatch assistance when necessary. Our team collects rent every month from the tenant and sends the check/depsit to you, the investor. We are always available to talk about your properties purchased through American Anchor Homes and take pride in our customer service. You can choose to be involved, or we can keep you in the loop only when necessary, so you can focus on other things.

+ Can I have the homes appraised or inspected before purchasing?

Absolutely! We encourage any and all clients to do their proper due diligence on the homes using an independent 3rd party to make sure that they feel comfortable purchasing the property from American Anchor Homes. Please do not ask us for referrals for inspectors or appraisers as we would like to avoid any idea of collusion or biased work.

+ Do your properties come with a home warranty?

Yes! our homes come with a private one year warranty issued by our property management team that covers all repairs on the scope of work done on the property by American Anchor Homes. We strive to make sure that all issues with maintenance and repairs for AAH's scope of work renovation on the property are handled as fast as possible.

+ Can I get my own home warranty?

Absolutely! Our home warranty comes with all homes and covers the scope of work performed on the home by the American Anchor Homes renovation team, but if you would like to get a home warranty program that covers the entire home or items outside of our scope of work, please do! We fully support this.

+ How do I know if "turn key" investing is a right fit for me?

Turnkey isn't right for everyone, and we want to help you make the best investment for YOU, even if it isn't with us. Be wary of companies offering super cheap properties (think $20,000) with super high returns. We want to work with investors who value customer service and quality rental properties. American Anchor Homes strives to offer consistent returns, and a no-hassle experience for you as the investor. We aim to make you feel safe and secure about your investment, even from miles away.