our story

American Anchor Homes is a real estate investment provider formed by five friends who connected on Bigger Pockets three years ago. When Justin, Amanda, Brandon, Joseph, and Loren met in Orlando, FL the original plan was to purchase, renovate, and place qualified tenants under proper management to provide "turnkey" investments for clients in the Central Florida area.

When the Orlando market changed to no longer be able to provide clients with affordable rental property fitting their metrics, the team went back to the drawing board. After months of research and travel the team finally landed on their new favorite city for real estate investing: Cleveland, Ohio. The holy grail of cool and cash flow. It was the old and new architecture, the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame, the great lakes(and the Great Lakes Brewing Company!), the affordable cost of living, growth of the city, and diverse culture that really drew the team to Cleveland. After a year of buying real estate in the Cleveland Metro Area, the team started selling property to other investors asking "how do I get the same returns you are getting?". It was questions like this from our clients that were the catalyst to form American Anchor Homes with the goal to secure high ROI properties for investors locally and all over the globe.

With months of planning and getting the right team in place, American Anchor Homes launched in 2018 and is ready to help investors achieve their dreams of owning rental property that offers a great return while being secure and hands off. American Anchor Homes is five friends who want to earn the trust of a million new friends by providing the best customer service, property management resources, and fairly priced housing. Let's be friends!